Hot Spicy Lurv ~


Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great valentines day! If you’re forever alone no need to worry, blogs always cheer me up amongst other things (Hardcore Gaming) Pfft, I wish I was a hardcore gamer.. Anyway, I’m getting offtrack >_< so.. I have a post for you, I decided to try out a different style of editing and I’m still learning so please don’t hate me.


Okay so, today I’m showing you the beautiful group gift in the picture (Butter.Tattoo) By Le*se and both the Black Corset and the Black Bustier (You can’t really see the corset but you should check it out because it works really well with the Black Bustier!) I’m assuming the piercings are from iPoke, I’m not too sure but hey I’m just blogging the clothing and the tattoo today. (Has a rough week, but havn’t we all)

Chest Tattoo : – Le*se [Butter.Tattoo] [Group Gift] [Free To Join]

Top : – Le*se [Black Bustier]

Corset: – Le*se [Corset Black]


Don’t forget to check out the 15L sale items somewhere in the store and remember to check out my previous posts as I’m just starting out! Thank you! (The Hair will be in the previous post along with the Shape, Skin and Eyes)


About Lil' Cupcake

If I don't post a blog the reason behind that is valid, I sometimes have issues with lag on my computer as most of us do, I am trying my best to post everyday but it's hard to keep up with it and sometimes we just have off days, but you will surely see some posts. ♥ Cupcake

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